Samsung's WIFI SmartCam HD

Samsung has just released their SmartCam HD Pro, and it looks to be a good match for consumers seeking an inexpensive security camera ($189.00 on Amazon) with relatively pain-free installation. Users are able to set up the Samsung SmartCam at home using their iPhones or Android phones, and their personal wireless networks. The Samsung SmartCam HD features a two-way talk function with a mic and speaker, a MicroSD card for image storage, and the option to screen capture images and save to a smartphone device. Additionally, the SmartCam offers a 128° wide angle lens, high quality video, night vision, motion detection technology, as well as zoom and lighting adjustment options.

Users can view security images remotely by signing up with Samsung’s free cloud app. The amount of images that can be recorded to the SD card is limited.

DropCam and DropCamPro are two of the current most popular and highest-rated surveillance cameras on the market, and the DropCam Pro is only slightly more expensive than the Samsung SmartCam HD at $199.

Similar to the Samsung SmartCam, DropCam, in both its original and Pro versions, boasts simple installation, high quality HD video, remote viewing via an iOS or Android mobile device, and motion and audio features. DropCam Pro allows for cloud-based storage and offers better image quality, a wider field of view, and greater zoom power than the original.

In addition to current features, DropCam is adding face-recognition technology to their security cameras, as well as an add-on feature for the Pro version called DropCam Tabs, a motion detection option that spans beyond the camera’s field of view.

Like other security cameras for the consumer market, DropCam is limited in that it can only be used for indoor surveillance and does not allow local video storage. Unlike SmartCam, it has a sleeker and more elegant design and claims a unique digital video recording service. Whether consumers choose SmartCam or its competitor DropCam may depend on the video storage options.