Panasonic AereoPTZ

The New Panasonic rugged AeroPTZ (WV-SUD638) has Full HD resolution at 60fps with a 30 times optical zoom lens. The camera features hybrid image stabilization technology and gyro-sensors, to minimize the impact of external vibrations. The AeroPTZ is the most environmentally rugged camera on the market, capable of withstanding more extreme conditions than ever before.

The camera is ready for any installation and will reliably produce sharp, crisp images, whatever the weather.

What’s extreme?

• Vibration resistant construct: In order to capture stable images, hybrid image stabilizer (video SAS technology) reduces vibrations when large vehicles pass and swaying on top of bridges.
• Salt air resistant: The glass fiber body will not be corroded by salt in the ocean breeze. ISO14993 compliant.
• Wind resistant: The camera continues to function even during hurricanes and typhoons of wind speeds up to 60 m/s (135 mph). The camera will not be damaged by winds up to 80 m/s (180 mph).
• Waterproof IP66 & IP67 standard: The camera can be installed in locations that are frequently wet with heavy rainfall, flood occasionally, or are sprayed with strong spurts of water.
• Vandal resistant: Meets IK10 Standards and is impact resistant.

Efficient monitoring as reducing vibration
The AeroPTZ camera is equipped with Hybrid image stabilizer function, and reduces the various vibrations and stream stable images even if the camera is installed under strong wind and the place which has plenty of vibration.

Can monitor images at the salt air place
The AeroPTZ camera is rated to ISO14993 and is equipped with a body which can be captured in heavy-salt damage place, a glass fiber body. In addition, the camera is equipped with the anti-salt material such as the corrosion-resistant screws, the borosilicate glass and the die-cast part painted.

Can operate under strong wind
The AeroPTZ camera has 360-deg aerodynamic spherical form, and continues to function even during hurricanes and typhoons of violent wind like being fallen a tree (wind speed : approx. 50m/s) and a steel tower might bend (wind speed : approx. 60m/s). And, even if the wind blows stronger than typhoons, up to 80m/s, the camera is not damaged.

Easily adjust the direction of the camera
When using the 360-degree endless pan and tilt which are provided by “Sphere P/T”, it selects no place to install since the AeroPTZ camera can easily be adjusted the direction of the lens. The camera can be installed on the desktop and ceiling. When being installed on the desktop, it is also possible to monitor directly below.

IR LED unit
Add the IR LED Unit to monitor extremely dark, 0 lux environments. The IR LED Unit can be attached without altering the external appearance of the camera.

Wiper & washer
The AeroPTZ camera has Wiper & Washer, it removes water and dirt that blur image since it moves parallel in front of lens, and it can capture clear images. The 360-deg aerodynamic spherical form of this camera decreases snow and dust accumulation.