Genetec, a provider of open architecture security and public safety solutions, announced that its technology partner Alutel Mobility, a manufacturer of mobile access control systems, now offers extended access control capabilities to open areas like transport facilities, construction sites, mining, oil and gas operations, and education establishments without having to rely on physical readers or installations. Alutel Mobile is available now for Genetec Security Center, the company’s unified, open-architecture platform that combines access control, video management systems and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR).

Alutel worked closely with Genetec to integrate their mobile readers with Security Center. By taking advantage of the Genetec software development kit (SDK), Alutel developed integrated functionality in Security Center Synergis that allows its mobile readers to function the same way as traditional readers and panels or electronic locks. These mobile readers can synchronize cardholder information, badges, schedules, and access rules, while also reading barcodes and QR codes, which trigger alarms and generate valid and invalid access events, depending on rule configurations.

Installed on smart phones and tablets, Alutel Mobile can read popular credential types including: HID, Prox, HID iCLASS, TWIC, PIV, and AWID. Even when the mobile reader is disconnected from Synergis, an offline mode ensures uninterrupted service. Virtual areas can be created with defined geo-fences in areas of interest that trigger an ‘event’ when a device enters or leaves that zone. Mustering reports can be generated in real-time during evacuation scenarios, helping to know how many employees are ‘checked-in’ safe, and who remains unaccounted for.

“Alutel Mobility expands the access control possibilities for Genetec Security Center end-users by adding access control features capable of working in places without physical installations,” said José Grudzien, President of Alutel Mobility. “By using smartphones and rugged tablets running on iOS or Android, every client can affordably benefit from this mobile extension.”

“As Genetec continues to be recognized as a leading innovator for access control technology, partners like Alutel Mobility help extend the enterprise capabilities for a greater number of customers,” said Thibaut Louvet, Genetec Product Group Director for Access Control Research and Development.