Eagle Eye Networks, a cloud-based video surveillance provider, announced a partnership with I-View Now, a cloud-based central station video services company. Through this partnership, customers and monitoring center operators can now view both live and recorded video from the Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS. The relationship enables dealers and monitoring centers to increase recurring revenue and improve retention while providing a higher level of service to customers.

I-View Now integrates security system signals, video sources, cloud applications, and IoT devices into a cloud platform to give users, operators, and authorized emergency responders better information. Alarm operators can now view Eagle Eye’s video in the I-View Now user interface, as well as correlate it with alarm events, such as burglar alarms. Operators can monitor live video to ensure ongoing safety. End customers can interact in real time with their monitoring center to discontinue “false” dispatches and avoid unwanted false alarm fines and citations.

“Eagle Eye’s platform is ideal for secure video integration, and the Eagle Eye API Platform is easy to work with,” stated Larry Folsom, President of I-View Now. “Customers will benefit from the powerful combination of cloud-based video and video verification with the I-View Now and Eagle Eye Networks integrated solution.”

The partnership also provides enhanced cyber security for I-View Now customers with Eagle Eye Camera Cyber Lockdown, which blocks cameras from communicating with the Internet thereby preventing them from being attacked or compromised. There is no incremental cost to resellers or central stations for the use of this integration.

A number of the nation’s leading alarm companies and central stations are already targeting the release of services based on the partnership. For example, ADT Security Services’ Tom Nakatani, Vice President of Customer Monitoring Technology, commented, “We are very excited about the partnership between Eagle Eye Networks and I-View Now. The combination of these two services provide for a more cyber secure surveillance solution and the service is aligned with ADT’s stated interest in the reduction of false alarm dispatches.”