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Hikvision Introduces Value Plus Video Surveillance Products

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Hikvision® USA Inc.,  is proud to announce the launch of their new Value Plus product line. This series of 2 MP and 4 MP indoor/outdoor cameras boasts the higher functionality typical to a professional line, yet maintains a cost effective price point. Features include Hikvision’s Basic Smart Suite of video content analysis, exceptional wide dynamic range, and H.264+ compression.

Building on the success of their Value series, Hikvision created the Value Plus line to bring some of the innovation from their Smart series into the mainstream market. (more…)

HID gets $88m contract, Selects Genetec platform as its VMS

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This is the largest government contract in the company’s history, according to the company. HID has worked with the government for “nearly two-decade[s]” having produced more than 42 million green cards since 1997.   (more…)

Proxim Wireless and TKH Security Announce Collaboration in the Outdoor Video Surveillance Market

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Proxim Wireless Corporation and TKH Security Solutions are announcing a complete wireless video surveillance solution for customers worldwide. Video surveillance deployments are increasing worldwide as governments and commercial enterprises realize the resulting benefits of enhanced security and monitoring of facilities, critical infrastructure, and public domains. The lack of an available power, infrastructure, or network connection at a desired camera installation point often presents obstacles for an optimal system deployment. In addition, these systems must be sensitive to zoning and aesthetic issues, resulting in (more…)

Altronix Unveils Outdoor Product Line of Video Surveillance, Access Control and Security Devices

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Altronix to unveil a number of products designed for video surveillance, access control and security devices in challenging outdoor environments. Altronix outdoor power offerings include the company’s NetWay PoE Injectors, ReServ UPS, WayPoint Power Supplies and eBridge EoC Transceivers.

The NetWay 1DWPM Hi-PoE Injector provides PoE, PoE+ or Hi-PoE (60 watts) power and passes data over CAT5E/6 up to 100m without repeaters. Utilizing Altronix’s LINQ Network Communication Technology, NetWay1DWPM offers built-in IP management, enabling remote control, monitoring and event reporting via email and SNMP trap message notifications. Additional features include internal surge protection as well as auto detection and (more…)

D-Link launches new vigilant camera range for business

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D-Link today introduces a new line of surveillance cameras designed for businesses.

Starting with the Vigilance Full HD Outdoor Dome Network Camera and the Vigilance HD Outdoor Mini Bullet Network Camera, D-Link says the new Vigilance line addresses changes and requirements in the marketplace over the last year for key IP camera features at a more affordable price point.

The Vigilance DCS-4602EV is an Indoor/Outdoor Dome Camera offering Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, integrated infrared illumination for seeing in complete darkness, (more…)

DVTEL Release United VMS 7.0 Equipped With IP-Mmune Cyber Defense Suite

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DVTEL, INC., announced today the release of its new Video Management System (VMS) platform: United VMS 7.0, the platform of choice for corporations and organizations from entry-level to enterprise.

United VMS 7.0 provides global unified network topology, allowing users to connect multiple sites and systems utilizing Latitude, Horizon, and Meridian to an aggregated system that can be controlled and monitored from a single location. It is equipped with DVTEL’s advanced adaptive streaming technology, which automatically obtains the optimal stream resolution from DVTEL cameras, based on the viewing tile size and zoom level, achieving significant savings in bandwidth and workstation process load. As a result, adaptive streaming allows an increased number of viewing tiles on the client machine, reducing the overall deployment costs. This release features user interface enhancements, including the new EZ Client web interface, as well as new features added to the existing Control Center client. United VMS 7.0 is designed with cyber protection in mind and includes DVTEL’s IP-mmune Cyber Defense Suite. (more…)

Sentry Technology Releases Video Application

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Sentry Technology Corporation, today announced the release of VR Pilot(TM), a software application that allows the connection of the company’s VideoRailway(TM), IP, high definition, traveling camera system to any Network Video Recorder (NVR).

IP video using NVR’s and Video Management Software (VMS) has become the standard for most new systems installed by retailers to manage security and operations. As the market develops there are a host of NVR and software suppliers vying for market dominance. Once a customer has chosen its NVR/VMS combination, all additional video products must connect seamlessly with the network to view and record images.

VR Pilot(TM) manages VideoRailway(TM) functionality including (more…)

360 Vision launches new Centurion PTZ camera system

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360 Vision Technology, has announced a new mid-level model addition to their highly popular ruggedized camera range. The new ‘Centurion PTZ camera system is positioned between 360 Vision’s fully featured ‘Predator’ ruggedized PTZ camera and entry-level ‘Black Hawk’ Dome.

Utilizing an optimized mix of tried and tested technology from both the Predator and Black Hawk cameras, the new Centurion camera offers a level of performance perfectly suited for any mid-level surveillance application; such as town centre, warehousing, retail, car parks, transportation or commercial premises.

Using the same ruggedized housing technology as Predator, Centurion has been designed to resist the harshest of weather conditions, to deliver reliable 24/7 service. Combined with a robust direct-drive gearbox (more…)

3xLogic Introduces Plug-and-Play Vigil V250 Series NVR

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3xLogic_V250 3x3 DVR

3xLogic,  manufacturer of video surveillance products, announced the release of its Vigil V250 Series NVRs.

Vigil V250 Series NVRs come with either four- or eight-port embedded PoE switches, are pre-configured with Vigil VMS software and have 2TB and 4TB storage, respectively. These NVRs offer integration with a wide variety of data sources including Point-of-Sale, ATM, access control, alarms and audio devices, and provide both audio and video verification of events and robust reporting with automated notifications.

Designed for simplicity, the new 3xLogic NVRs offer (more…)

RESEARCH: Intelligent video analytics market to grow at CAGR of 33.20% during 2015-2019

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Video analytics is a technology that is used to identify, record, and analyze video streams via the electronic media. IVA provides advanced monitoring capabilities that enable highly advanced video surveillance. Also, IVA recognizes objects in motion based on various parameters such as size and shape.

Furthermore, users can use the insights collected through IVA to analyze the behaviour of these moving objects based on built-in parameters. Government organizations, large enterprises, and SMEs worldwide use IVA solutions to better monitor their resources.

Market analysts forecast the global intelligent video analytics market to grow at a CAGR of 33.20% over the period 2014-2019.To calculate the market size, the report considers the revenue generated from the sales of IVA software and solutions.

The report also covers segmentation on the basis of the following end-users:
BFSI sector
Government sector
Healthcare sector
Industrial sector
Retail sector
Transport and Logistics sector

It also presents the vendor landscape and a corresponding detailed analysis of the six major vendors in the market. Also, it presents the geographical segmentation of the market for 2014 and details the major drivers, challenges, and trends in the market – Learn More