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Product Review: Angelcam – New Cloud-based Video Storage Platform

by Bjorn Hovd - on Jun 21st 2016 - 7 Comments

Searching for a cloud-based video storage platform, I came across angelcam.com. Angelcam works with any brand camera and there is no need for any software installation or specific hardware (other than the cameras). In addition, you can watch it from anywhere via almost any platform. At first, I assumed that you would only be able to store still images and watch live video in the free plan but not review recorded video. It turns out that Angelcam is actually a modular platform allowing for add-on apps to provide different features. For example, using the Cloud Recording app, you can review the last 3 days of video for free and if you want to view/store the last 7 days, it will cost just $4.99/month or $9.99 for 30 days. There is no video data limit on any of the plans and you can attach as many cameras as you want. (more…)

The Cost of Storing Surveillance Video

by vmstoday - on Nov 13th 2014 - No Comments

Are storage technologies for video surveillance up to the task of meeting consumer demand? End users seeking high quality video footage while also looking to reduce costs may discover that finding an affordable, scalable storage solution can be challenging.

The transition from analog to digital has greatly impacted storage solutions. Higher quality footage means a clearer picture, but also greater bandwidth, and thus more storage capacity. The storage capacity required by IP network and megapixel cameras can be colossal. IT professionals in charge of managing video data storage may be overwhelmed by its demands.