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VMware moves into IoT space

by vmstoday - on May 12th 2017 - No Comments

VMware is hoping to make its mark in the Internet of Things (IoT) arena with a new brand and planned range of products addressing the market.

At the Dell EMC World event taking place this week in Las Vegas, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger used his keynote speech to unveil the Pulse IoT Centre, a tool designed to allow businesses to manage their IoT infrastructure and devices. And the company chief claimed that the product launch was just an opening salvo in a longer-term assault on the IoT sector. (more…)

Microsoft launches new IoT services for the enterprise

by vmstoday - on Apr 20th 2017 - No Comments

Microsoft is launching IoT Central today, a new Internet of Things (IoT) service that gives enterprises a fully managed solution for setting up their IoT deployments without needing the in-house expertise necessary for deploying a cloud-based IoT solution from scratch. It’s basically IoT-as-a-Service.

In addition, the company is bringing its Azure Stream Analytics to edge devices, making it easier to provision new IoT devices, and it’s launching a completely new analytics service for time series data. (more…)

Securing the Internet of Things (IoT): Challenging but Critical

by vmstoday - on Nov 23rd 2016 - No Comments

This week, we are discussing IoT security. If IoT devices and ip cameras are not secured, hackers can use them to gain access to the enterprise network, to distribute malware, or to launch distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. As in the case of recent incidents for Dahua, Hikvision and others security camera manufacturers. According to a recent report from Flashpoint and Level 3 Threat Research Labs, botnets made up of hundreds of thousands of compromised IoT devices are already being used to launch massive DDoS attacks. (more…)

IBM’s Watson Internet of Things engine scores top ranking in new analyst study

by vmstoday - on Nov 22nd 2016 - No Comments

In trying to enlarge its share of the public-cloud market, IBM has put a lot of emphasis on its Watson Internet of Things engine. It’s been building Watson since 2006, enhancing the artificial intelligence engine’s ability to use natural language processing and machine learning to sift through large volumes of text and data.

Today IBM celebrated landing in the upper-right corner of Forrester’s Wave ranking of 11 IoT providers (similar to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant) for the quarter. That position denotes both a strong product offering and a strong market presence. Close behind Watson were Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite, GE’s Predix and PTC’s ThingWorx. Amazon Web Services’ IoT Suite trailed those entries. (more…)

Government taking notice of IoT vulnerabilities

by Johnny R - on Nov 1st 2016 - No Comments

You know what’s worse than having a security vulnerability in your products be exploited in one of the largest cyber attacks in history? Having the government regulate your entire industry, adding bureaucratic oversight to the layers of technical, economic and human challenges that you already had to deal with when trying to get a product to market. That is the shadow that is darkening the door of the IoT industry today. (more…)

Telerobotics vs. Telepresence: What is the difference?

by katieG - on Jun 9th 2016 - No Comments

Telerobotics (TR) is a word you may have heard before but it may not be one that produces a clear definition in your mind. The issue isn’t your brain, it is the fact that the term is often misused in the mainstream media and by non-technical professionals. While “telerobotics” and “telepresence” are often used interchangeably (they are related concepts), the differences are worth explaining. In this first article, we are going to clear up some of the misconceptions and get a look at what, exactly, these two things really are before we wade into the ways in which these will affect the security/surveillance markets. (more…)

Wifi Motion Detection- Part 2 – The limitations

by katieG - on May 18th 2016 - No Comments

The possibility of a motion detection system based on Wi-Fi technology is an intriguing
one. It would allow for the creation of a security system that would be extremely cost
effective. It also has the possibility of creating systems that are less obtrusive than the
traditional solutions.

All good things however have their limitations. While this nascent technology does have
a lot of potential, it also has some drawbacks. Today, we are going to look at those
limitations and address what you may want to consider before the implementation of
one of these systems. (more…)

NEW TECH: Wifi for Motion Detection? – Part 1

by katieG - on May 11th 2016 - No Comments

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. A wireless network that can detect when someone is moving through it and respond. While the technology is still very new, and some further development is required to truly refine it, the concept is innovative enough to attract attention. If your curiosity has been piqued then you’re in the right place. Today, we are going to take a look at the emerging technology that may just change motion sensing technology forever. (more…)

Hover Camera and the Future

by katieG - on May 6th 2016 - 2 Comments

Drones used for indoor surveillance applications have primarily been the goal of the law enforcement community. Costs and the technical hurdles required to properly navigate a drone in tight spaces have been major limiting factors for both home and commercial uses. Hover Camera, a drone small enough skirt the FAA’s requirement for an operator’s license, is looking to change that. They have created a drone with no exposed propellers which is designed to shoot footage safely in indoor locations. The Hover Camera from Zero Zero Robotics does exactly what the name implies which is that it hovers in where needed to capture video and stills.

New Hover Camera from Zero Zero Robotics (more…)

Product Review: Ricoh Theta S

by Johnny R - on Apr 21st 2016 - 2 Comments

Product Review: Ricoh Theta S

My first reaction when reading about the original Theta m15  camera was “Ricoh made this?!”. I mean, I know of the company but their presence in the cutting edge tech arena is basically non-existent. I was intrigued by the concept but a little disappointed by the quality of the captures. Then, Ricoh returned with the Theta S which promised significant improvements over the original and I was ready to give it a try… (more…)