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Avigilon continues H4 platform expansion with H4 Mini Dome Camera Line

by vmstoday - on Jun 26th 2017 - No Comments

Avigilon previewed the new Avigilon H4 Mini Dome camera line at this year’s IFSEC 2017.

Built on the Avigilon H4 platform, the H4 Mini Dome has a footprint of only 2.8 inches, making it the smallest and most discreet camera within this platform. The camera line provides an innovative patent pending modular design that snaps into place, allowing users to easily switch between surface and in-ceiling mounts. (more…)


by vmstoday - on Sep 18th 2014 - No Comments

ImmerVision announced today that iCanView361MP-PM, the latest 5-megapixel panoramic mini dome IP camera from iCanTek, is certified ImmerVision Enables®. Thanks to this leading 360° standard and the built-in panomorph lens, the vandal-proof iCanView361MP-PM mini dome offers customers the ability to capture a complete view of their security environment, without any distortion or blind spots.

Its 122mm diameter offers discrete mounting either on the ceiling for maximum 360° coverage, or on the wall for super-wide angle 180° field of views. Thanks to all-encompassing panomorph viewing, the iCanView361MP-PM is capable of projecting four different angles of a scene within a single viewing tile, adjacent to the full 360° image.

Customers can also display multiple cropped images (320×240) of a 360° area, literally recreating multiple camera views from one. This panomorph mini dome IP camera can be leveraged in new or existing installations to reduce costs, while dramatically improving situational awareness – Continue reading