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Hikvision Boosts Video Surveillance System Performance with New DeepinView Camera Series

by vmstoday - on Oct 31st 2017 - No Comments

Hikvision, a developer of video surveillance products and solutions, has followed up its launch of the world’s first Deep Learning NVRs with a new series of IP cameras. The new “DeepinView” IP Camera Series delivers power and intelligence to boost the value of surveillance system performance across a broad range of security and management applications. (more…)

Honeywell strengthens connected building by hosting MAXPRO Cloud with Azure

by vmstoday - on May 10th 2017 - No Comments

Honeywell announced that MAXPRO Cloud, the company’s connected building solution for small-to-medium-sized (SMB) businesses, will be hosted on the Microsoft Azure hosting platform.


Designed for the unique needs of an SMB customer, MAXPRO Cloud integrates access and video data into a single user interface, enabling customers to achieve their business goals by leveraging their connected buildings as strategic assets. It helps improve customer’s business performance, ensures more efficient safety and security, minimizes loss of inventory in retail environments, reduces IT infrastructure costs, and streamlines operations by empowering small-to-medium business owners to make decisions in a flexible and scalable manner through real-time access, insight, and reporting. By bringing the strength of Azure to Honeywell’s connected buildings technology, customers will benefit from Microsoft’s global footprint and advanced data services. (more…)

New IP Video Surveillance Integration Technology Hits the Market

by vmstoday - on Dec 10th 2015 - No Comments

The convergence of physical security technology and information technology continues to impact security and IT departments, their personnel and vendors. Video surveillance capabilities for business security systems are advancing rapidly. In recent years, we’ve seen the migration from analog to digital video recording, and now to the convergence of video systems and a company’s IT network infrastructure. This rapid advancement has multiple benefits it has made video surveillance systems more affordable for smaller businesses; and expanded the reach and capabilities of network video (or IP video) for larger enterprises. (more…)