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Salient Systems Has Eye On IoT With Video Surveillance Management Platform

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Salient Systems – a longtime force in video surveillance – is taking its CompleteView VMS platform into the booming Internet of Things market. (more…)

VMware moves into IoT space

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VMware is hoping to make its mark in the Internet of Things (IoT) arena with a new brand and planned range of products addressing the market.

At the Dell EMC World event taking place this week in Las Vegas, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger used his keynote speech to unveil the Pulse IoT Centre, a tool designed to allow businesses to manage their IoT infrastructure and devices. And the company chief claimed that the product launch was just an opening salvo in a longer-term assault on the IoT sector. (more…)

Axis Communications turns on IoT magic at ISC West 2017

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Axis showcased some of their new technology and their vision for expanding from just traditional Video Surveillance to IoT security. Martin Gren the co-founder of Axis Communication spoke about Axis history of IoT devices, even before there was the concept of IoT. Neteye 200 Axis first IP connected device, and what could be considered IoT back in 1996. (more…)

Securing the Internet of Things (IoT): Challenging but Critical

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This week, we are discussing IoT security. If IoT devices and ip cameras are not secured, hackers can use them to gain access to the enterprise network, to distribute malware, or to launch distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. As in the case of recent incidents for Dahua, Hikvision and others security camera manufacturers. According to a recent report from Flashpoint and Level 3 Threat Research Labs, botnets made up of hundreds of thousands of compromised IoT devices are already being used to launch massive DDoS attacks. (more…)

IoT to further expand when oneM2M releases next set of specs

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oneM2M, a global standards initiative for Machine to Machine (M2M) communications and the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced another achievement in establishing a global interconnected society: its next set of official specifications, known formally as Release 2, which will be issued this autumn.

The announcement comes as analyst firm Gartner forecasts that 6.4 billion IoT devices will be in use worldwide in 2016, with that figure set to reach 20.8 billion by 2020. (more…)

SoftBank Switches on to IoT Hardware and Buys ARM for $32 Billion

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Japanese investment and telecoms group SoftBank has agreed to pay some $32 billion (GBP 24.3 billion) for U.K.-based ARM. The company designs chips for phones and computers and is positioned as a leader in the so-called ‘Internet of Things.’

The move represents a massive bet for SoftBank on hardware and technology and a change of direction following the departure of high profile executive Nikesh Arora in June. (more…)

State Department invests 25M in IoT

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The State Department is investing up to $25 million in the internet of things.

C3 IoT has been awarded a contract to provide a platform for big data analytics to reduce the State Department’s energy usage and monitor sensor health.

The multi-year contract will allow the company to analyze data from the department’s systems and sensors at more than 22,000 facilities across the globe, according to Monday’s announcement. Through IoT, the department can monitor energy management and predict facility equipment failure. (more…)

Symantec Launches New IoT Security Solution to Help Carmakers Protect Against Zero Day Attacks

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Symantec Corp. today introduced Symantec Anomaly Detection for Automotive to protect against zero-day attacks and never-before-seen issues facing modern connected vehicles. Bringing Symantec’s extensive security and sophisticated analytics expertise across complex networks to the vehicle, Anomaly Detection for Automotive provides the crucial ability to identify issues for early remediation.

Connected cars offer drivers conveniences such as navigation, remote roadside assistance and mobile internet hot spots. There will be 220 million connected cars on the road in 2020, according to Gartner.1 While new technologies promise to enhance the driving experience, these advancements (more…)

IBM’s Watson IoT platform to Cisco edge devices

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Picture of the Cisco front office signage

Cisco and IBM today announced a global collaboration to provide instant Internet of Things (IoT) insight at the edge of the network. Now, businesses and organizations in remote and autonomous locations will be able to tap the combined power of IBM’s Watson IoT and business analytics technologies and Cisco’s edge analytics capabilities to more deeply understand and act on critical data on the network edge.

Today, billions of interconnected devices and sensors are gathering vast amounts of real-time data about the physical world. In recent years cloud computing has offered companies a powerful way of storing that data and turning it into valuable insight. But for businesses without easy access to high bandwidth connectivity, these capabilities are sometimes out of reach or take too long. To address the problem, IBM and Cisco have joined forces to offer a new way to produce immediate, actionable insight at the point of data collection. The new approach is designed to target companies operating on the edge of computer networks such as oil rigs, factories, shipping companies and mines, where time is of the essence but bandwidth is often lacking. (more…)

Trust me! …Said every IoT device… ever.

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Right now, there are over 3 Billion devices connected to the internet. Most of which, we really don’t want someone hacking into. The number of connected devices is increasing exponentially as a product of the growth in IoT (Internet of Things) devices and those devices are surrounded by controversy regarding their current level of security. (more…)