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Exacq Technologies updates exacqVision 6.6 and Enterprise System Manager version 3.0 with ESM Failover

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Exacq Technologies introduces the ability to set up and manage failover on exacqVision servers with exacqVision 6.6 and Enterprise System Manager (ESM) version 3.0, a health monitoring program for use with exacqVision Enterprise networked video recorders (NVRs). The new exacqVision version 6.6 VMS (video management system) also includes updates to the views and event monitoring features in exacqVision, faster searching with the Exacq mobile app and additional updates to ESM.

The new ESM failover functionality continually monitors exacqVision recorders. A system failure can be detected within 15-30 seconds and an actual failover to a spare server or servers can be automatically instigated in a matter of minutes. Failover functions include IP cameras, recording schedules, user rights, event linking, serial profiles, archiving configuration and more. Once the protected recorder is back online, ESM automatically transfers all functionality back to the original server. Users can also use ESM Failover to perform manual failover on exacqVision recorders at any time to conduct system maintenance.

In addition to the new failover feature, ESM version 3.0 also adds features that improve server user management over an enterprise network. This makes it easier for system administrators to add and remove servers and users from defined groups.

exacqVision 6.6 gives users and system administrators greater flexibility and personalisation when creating and using the views feature. Views can now be shared with all users, shared with a defined group of users or kept private to individual users – Read more

ZNV claims the Launch of the World’s First H.265 High-Definition IP Camera

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Shenzhen ZNV Technology Co., Ltd. (www.znv.com) claims the launch of  the world’s first H.265 high-definition IP camera (7200 series) at its 2014 Channel Partner Summit and New Product Launch Conference

The benefits of this breakthrough are simple. For same high-definition videos, they will require much lower bandwidth and use much less storage. This will not only make a tremendous saving in system cost for our customers, but also make high-definition video possible in the areas that the existing network infrastructure simply can’t support previously – continue reading 

SureView Integrates Immix Video Based Automation Software With MobiDEOS UCNE Range of Cloud Surveillance Systems

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SureView Systems announces they have successfully integrated the mobiDEOS UCNE range of cloud and network-enabled surveillance systems into Immix, the company’s video based automation software. Immix® delivers a single platform to manage video surveillance/CCTV, intrusion and fire alarms, access control, and VoIP audio.

The mobiDEOS UCNE system enables legacy CCTV systems to be quickly and simply connected through the device and onto Immix for remote monitoring across many locations to a central monitoring interface. Central stations now have the ability to offer a consistent service to their dealers or end-customers regardless of the equipment onsite.

Immix® meets this challenge by integrating more than 450 different types of DVR, VMS and IP cameras into the single platform. By developing a partnership with SureView Immix®, mobiDEOS can deliver almost any legacy video system through their UCNE to an Immix central station for remote monitoring – Continue reading 

Features Of The New Video Insight VMS Client for Mac

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• Unlimited number of monitoring servers
• Full Resolution H.264 images
• View cameras from any Video Insight Server
• Integrated Active Directory login
• Recorded clips via Motion based thumbnails or quick rewind
• Control PTZ and select presets
• Facility maps with live thumbnails
• Import a server’s cameras, maps, and layouts with just one IP address
• View server statistics such as CPU and memory utilization, used disk
space, available cameras, serial number, and unique ID


More features

Video Insight Releases Its New VMS Client for Mac

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Video Insight VMS announced the release of VI Monitor for Mac. This free VMS client for Mac allows users to access live and recorded video from any cameras on the surveillance system using an Apple computer.

The new Mac clinet provides users a native application that includes the most common features including high quality images, thumbnails to locate cameras, preset groups of cameras, facility maps, and snapshots for quick review in an investigation. The new client allows:

  • Full Resolution H.264 images
  • View cameras from any Video Insight Server
  • Integrated Active Directory login
  • Recorded clips via Motion based thumbnails or quick rewind
  • Control PTZ and select presets
  • Facility maps with live thumbnails and more

Read more 

Vicon Names Ex Milestone Executive Chief Executive Officer and Director

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Vicon Industries today announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Eric Fullerton, formerly Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Milestone Systems A/S, to succeed Kenneth M. Darby as Chief Executive Officer and as a Director of Vicon.

In connection with Mr. Fullerton’s appointment as CEO, Vicon will issue to him an inducement award consisting of up to 600,000 shares of common stock. The shares will be issued in four equal amounts on each of the first four anniversaries of Mr. Fullerton’s employment, subject in each case to his continued employment with Vicon on such dates. However, 50,000 shares of the 150,000 shares allocated to the first year of Mr. Fullerton’s employment will be issued earlier upon the Vicon Board of Directors’ approval of a restructuring plan for Fiscal Year 2015, to be submitted by Mr. Fullerton to the Board within the first ninety days of his employment. The award was made outside of Vicon’s shareholder approved equity incentive plan and was unanimously approved by the independent directors of Vicon’s Board of Directors as an inducement material to Mr. Fullerton entering into employment with Vicon, pursuant to Section 711(a) of the NYSE MKT Company Guide – read more


DVTEL to showcase latest Quasar 4K Ultra HD Camera line at ASIS International 2014

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Quasar 4K Ultra HD Camera line

DVTEL, INC., the video surveillance solutions provider, announced recently its new Quasar 4K Ultra HD Camera line, a core component of the “DVTEL 4K Certified Solutions.” The camera line will consist of advanced mini-dome and bullet form factors.

Bringing the latest 4K technology to DVTEL’s value-added resellers and end users, the DVTEL Quasar 4K Ultra HD Cameras deliver technology that sets a new industry evidentiary quality standard. Employing a state of the art, broadcast quality Ultra HD media processor, the cameras deliver four times more detail at full 30 fps than today’s best HD1080 cameras and also more detail than legacy 10MP. The full DVTEL Quasar Camera line already delivers the most cost-effective storage options in the market, typically 60 percent less than comparable solutions. – Learn more 

Global video surveillance as a service market to reach $2,390.9 million by 2017

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In the recent years, the security of individuals, property and information have become critical global issues with retaliations against terrorism, enhanced national and cyber security being the major areas generating huge investments. The aforementioned sectors are one of the major opportunities for businesses with respect to technological advancement and services. The report describes the different forms of services based on customized requirements. The software-based solution for hosting and managing video on an IP network depends upon the amount of cameras in a surveillance system. The major portion of a video footage captured by the surveillance cameras are put under archive and retrieved on demand following an incident or other studies like customer footfall etc. in case of retail segment. The report entails the critical applications like retail and restaurants which are expected to show growing awareness in event monitoring and video surveillance.

The market for video surveillance as a service is, however, facing challenges with respect to the high infrastructure cost related to the installations – read more

Honeywell Upgrades NetAXS-123 Web-based Modular Access Control System For Small To Mid-size Businesses

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Honeywell announces a technology upgrade to its NetAXS-123 web-based modular access control system to make it easier for small to mid-size businesses to secure their doors. Ethernet virtual loop (EVL) technology uses a single IP address to talk to multiple control panels, making installation fast and simple. This simpler installation process, which allows installers use their customers’ existing local area networks (LAN) with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), eliminates the requirement to run a dedicated wire loop to each control panel providing added cost benefits to the end user.

NetAXS-123 control panels drive down costs by eliminating the need for multiple cables to be installed and run from a distant location – read more 

Quantum Secure Receives AMAG Symmetry™ Extended Business Solutions Program Certification

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Quantum Secure is now a member of AMAG Technology’s Symmetry™ Extended Business Solutions (EBS) Program. The designation certifies that Quantum Secure’s SAFE Software Suite Version 4.8 integrates with AMAG’s Symmetry v7.0.1 access control software.

The certification ensures that all types of physical identities, including employees, visitors, vendors and contractors, get provisioned into the Symmetry access control system based on the predefined rules and policies set within SAFE. The SAFE agents listen for data updates and changes in near-real time from an authoritative data source, such as a human resources management system or an integrated database management system. Based on work flows, the SAFE agents broadcast these changes to the Symmetry access control system. Integrated functionalities and features include bidirectional cardholder synchronization; bidirectional access code adds and deletes; automatic active/inactive cardholder updates; and simple, intuitive configuration and user experience – read more