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H.265 compression: The Future of Video Surveillance, or One More Choice?

by katieG - on May 18th 2017 - No Comments

In security, there are two warring needs in digital security monitoring. The first need is for high-quality video. After all, having images of a problem isn’t helpful if you can’t get any good detail from it. Being able to identify parties, or read details on items, can be the critical difference between useful information and redundant footage.

The second need in digital security monitoring is storage. Once it is recorded, video needs to be stored, and that takes up both memory space and processor power for streaming. That space and power cost a lot of money. Since this is the case, the size of a video file plays a major role in the costs of any security setup. Finding a balance has not always been easy, but a new codec hopes to reconcile these two issues and strike a new balance. Today, we will explore this and tease out the good, the bad, and situations where h.265 compression just might be the right choice.


VIVOTEK expands strategic H.265 integration partnership

by vmstoday - on Apr 26th 2017 - No Comments

VIVOTEK announces the new existence of ten H.265 integration SIA partners, including: AxxonSoft, Genetec, Milestone, NUUO, Synology, and newly-added Cathexis, Digifort, Luxriot, Macroscop and Mirasys. Working closely with VIVOTEK’s SIA partners, customers will equip themselves with a comprehensive H.265 solution that meets the technical demands of all projects. (more…)

Hikvision’s Turbo 4.0 delivers power and UHD 8MP video over coaxial cable

by vmstoday - on Apr 14th 2017 - No Comments

Hikvision announces that its new Turbo HD 4.0 range, which boasts ultra-low light performance and the ability to send power as well as 8MP video images over conventional coaxial cable, will be available from Q3 2017. The latest-generation Turbo 4.0 products also take advantage of Hikvision’s revolutionary new H.265+ video compression technology, which provides astounding savings on both bandwidth usage and storage requirements. (more…)

VIVOTEK to present H.265 solutions at IFSEC 2016

by vmstoday - on May 31st 2016 - No Comments

VIVOTEK, a IP surveillance provider, has announced that it will unveil its innovative vertical surveillance solutions at IFSEC 2016, taking place June 21st to 23rd in ExCel London. Located at booth E555, VIVOTEK will present its latest H.265 solutions, retail solutions, city surveillance solutions, and strategic partnerships with AxxonSoft,Genetec, Milestone, and SeeTec. (more…)

IDIS to introduce the world’s most extensive H.265 line at IFSEC

by vmstoday - on May 19th 2016 - No Comments

IDIS announces that it will showcase a number of new advanced technologies including a range of H.265 plug-and-play IP cameras and network video recorders (NVRs), as well as progressive technologies perfect for enterprise-level surveillance on its stand G700 during IFSEC International at London’s ExCel on 21st – 23rd June 2016.

These new and innovative technologies include:

• A new H.265 range comprising a comprehensive line-up of full-HD IP cameras and NVRs delivering up to 50% saving storage space. The range also supports dual codec, meaning NVRs can operate using a combination of H.264 and H.265 simultaneously, to further lower storage and bandwidth requirements to increase cost-effectiveness. This also makes the H.265 range backward compatible for customers with earlier IDIS H.264 technology. (more…)