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Bosch To Launch “i” Camera Range And Exhibit Product Portfolio At Intersec 2018

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From 21th to 23th January INTERSEC 2018 in Dubai will showcase the latest products in security, safety and fire protection. Bosch Security Systems will display its innovative security, safety and communications products on booth S1-I22, Saeed Hall 1.

Future Of Video Security

The IoT is changing the way we view video security, quite literally. Now, cameras need to be so much more than devices with which to simply capture images; they need to be far smarter than that. Today cameras are becoming an integral part of the vast digital connectivity infrastructure, they need to be shaped into intelligent sensors that have the ability to extract invaluable data to help businesses make improvements in the area of video security, and beyond. At INTERSEC Bosch introduces her latest “i” camera portfolio. This intelligent camera portfolio with built-in video analytics as standard will rewrite the rules of video security. (more…)

Bosch empowers security operators and enhances forensic capabilities with BVMS 7.5.

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The BVMS 7.5 includes forensic search as a standard free-of-charge functionality, allowing operators to scan through huge recording databases for a specific event within seconds. The rules for the search are easily defined via a graphical user interface and can be changed even after an event. Further increased the openness of its system to allow for easy integration of third-party software and devices. (more…)

Bosch expands the Modular Alarm Platform 5000 to more applications

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Intrusion alarm systems are playing a large role in modern security concepts. As soon as they register that unauthorized persons try to get into a supervised area, they trigger an alarm, thus protecting important assets. That is why Bosch has expanded its range of intrusion alarm systems with two new solutions made for small to medium-sized applications such as schools, small offices, smaller retail stores, or art galleries: the Modular Alarm Platform (MAP) 5000 S and 5000 SC. These two new additions complement the already available two MAP 5000 systems for larger applications such as airports or shopping malls. (more…)

Bosch drives forward its video security business together with Sony

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Afer the official approval of the antitrust authorities, the business partnership of Bosch Security Systems and Sony Corporation in the field of video security solutions became effective by February 1, 2017 – except for in China where the partnership will start on April 1, 2017. Both companies will now focus on strengthening their collaboration that was first announced in November 2016. (more…)

Bosch, Sony to combine video surveillance businesses

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Bosch Security Systems and Sony on Tuesday announced that they have entered into a partnership that will result in an unprecedented level of cooperation between the two companies’ video surveillance business units. Not only will the collaboration result in a combination of the companies’ respective technologies, but Bosch will be taking over the sales and marketing of Sony-branded products in every market with the exception of Japan. (more…)

Bosch acquires U.S. building automation specialist

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Bosch is bolstering its international business with integrated services for commercial buildings – a strategic growth area for the Energy and Building Technology business sector. The Bosch subsidiary Climatec, based in Phoenix, Arizona in the United States, has acquired Skyline Automation. The company, which specializes in building automation and systems integration, provides installation and connectivity services for a variety of technical systems in buildings. Building automation can reduce energy consumption by up to 40 percent. Based in Clifton, New Jersey, Skyline Automation has a workforce of 40, and generated sales of 12 million dollars in 2015. The building service provider Climatec was acquired by Bosch in 2015, and has so far been active in the western United States. (more…)

Bosch launches Video Management System 7.0

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Bosch releases its Video Management System 7.0 software (Bosch VMS 7.0), which promise to empower security operators to effectively manage high-resolution video streams in their day-to-day work.

Adopting optimal video resolution

At the rate that video cameras are evolving, keeping track of an ever-growing amount of high-resolution video data is becoming even more challenging. In places like metro stations and airports where many cameras are needed, the burden on a workstation is very high. If a workstation is overloaded, the client application will often lag. (more…)

Bosch integrates its digital recording solutions with AMAG’s Symmetry v8.0.1 security management system

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AMAG Technology certified partner Bosch Security Systems certified its digital recording solutions with Symmetry v8.0.1 access control system. AMAG Technology is an integrated security provider of access control, video management and visitor management solutions. Symmetry products give customers a comprehensive, end-to-end software platform so users can manage all their security needs while reducing risk and meeting industry compliance, according to the company. AMAG Technology and Bosch cooperatively tested and certified this integration through AMAG’s Symmetry Preferred Partner Program.

“Bosch’s continued commitment to our Symmetry Preferred Partner Program ensures our joint customers that they will always have the most up-to-date technology available to them when they are ready to upgrade,” said Dave Ella, AMAG Technology vice president of product marketing and Symmetry Preferred Program manager.

“Integrating high quality images from Bosch video solutions with the security and productivity features of Symmetry is a powerful combination that delivers improved situational awareness to security personnel,” said Brad Eck, Integration Manager, Bosch Security Systems. “By certifying our devices with Symmetry v8, we ensure our mutual customers can benefit from the improvements in security management delivered by the software that result in greater overall facility control.”

Bosch Security Systems to Demonstrate Integrated Security Solutions at ASIS 2015

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Among the products to be featured is the new G Series Control Panels, which enhance facility security with intrusion detection, access control and IP camera integration through the Bosch Video Management System. The system allows users to automate functions for simplified operation.

According to Bosch, integrating the new G Series Control panels with Bosch IP cameras provides additional protection of sensitive areas such as ATM service rooms, cash offices, pharmacies and more. Security personnel can then view images of intrusion detection system events to better identify a potential intruder.

Bosch will also feature the DIVAR IP 3000 all-in-one video management system for monitoring security data. The solution combines a network recorder, storage array, client workstation (more…)