The New Advidia A54 OD Security Camera

The Hardware

The ADVIDIA A-54-OD is nice and sleek with a darkened dome to protect/hide the camera. Once you remove the dome cover, you’ll find an easy-to-access set of controls and ports. In addition to the PoE network port, you’ll find a slot for a micro-sd card, ports for incoming and outgoing alarm signals, ports for audio in and out and even a port for outputting the video feed directly from the camera. The direct video output is a very handy solution for situations where you need to troubleshoot a camera at the actual unit (aka- one person job). Another minor but appreciated addition to the box was a protective sleeve that screws into the camera body to protect the network cable and port. Out of the box, you get the camera, protective cable sleeve, small CD with camera finder and user guide, disc with Video Insight VMS application, short network cable, external monitor adapter cable, mounting kit and an allen wrench for opening/closing the dome cover. Pretty much everything you need minus the PoE injector and screwdriver are provided.

The Advidia A-54-OD camera  advertises the following hardware feature set: (more…)