Searching for a cloud-based video storage platform, I came across Angelcam works with any brand camera and there is no need for any software installation or specific hardware (other than the cameras). In addition, you can watch it from anywhere via almost any platform. At first, I assumed that you would only be able to store still images and watch live video in the free plan but not review recorded video. It turns out that Angelcam is actually a modular platform allowing for add-on apps to provide different features. For example, using the Cloud Recording app, you can review the last 3 days of video for free and if you want to view/store the last 7 days, it will cost just $4.99/month or $9.99 for 30 days. There is no video data limit on any of the plans and you can attach as many cameras as you want.

Another advantage over other platforms in this category is that it permits access to recordings from any browser, not just MS Internet Explorer.

In my case, I attached 4 Advidia A series cameras to the platform for testing. The registration process for the cameras was very simple. Angelcam has a whole bunch of video manufacturers to select from when getting setup. Having said that, I did not see Advidia in the list. So, I registered it as a generic H264 camera and it worked like a charm!

Angelcam camera screen listAngelcam screen showing supported cameras

I found the performance very responsive and the video playback very smooth. While there is an approximately 10 second delay on the live video, the frame rate was set at 30 frames per second and there was no stuttering or choppiness when viewing the live or recorded video. There are also apps available for broadcasting the video live to anyone. One the downside for the free option I tried was the presence of ads on the stream page and the lack of password protection to view the video (leaving it open to anyone). The fee based broadcasted options cost either $4/month or $25/month and the more you pay the more features you get. There is a Time-Lapse video app where the first 3 videos are free and the videos after that will be $9.99 a piece (which sounds a bit pricey). There are also a bunch of cool apps in development, such as license plate recognizer, car counter, people counter and many more.

Angelcam showing 4 camera layout

I spent time examining the cloud recording app and it serves its basic purpose well. The only drawback is that there is no efficient option for reviewing recorded video. If you need to locate something that happened over the last 3 days, you have to manually sample the video to locate when the event occurred, which can be very time consuming. If the motion tracking/timeline option was available, I would probably spring for the fee based 30 day option but the current option of a manual slog through a month of recording would take far too long. 3 days is probably the max you can manually skip through to identify the clip you want without feeling like you’ve wasted a noteworthy amount of time. With the free version you can also save video clips, which is nice, but the problem would still be to identify the clip you want to export over the last 30 days….

Angelcam camera detail page

There are also mobile apps for your iOS and Android devices but they only display the live video. Obviously, it would have been nice if you could see the cloud recordings from the mobile apps as well.

Single camera view from Angelcam

Overall, I really like the cloud platform and look forward to seeing the new apps as they are developed. There are some rough edges to polish but the solution is very, very promising for the consumer to small business concerns.

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