Kwikset supplied us with SMARTCODE 910 which can be configured with your home automation. The lock speaks Z-Wave and Zigbee. In our case, I registered it with our home automation using Z-wave.

kwikset Smartcode 910 lock

The package comes with everything you need except for a philips screwdriver, and 4 AA batteries. The exterior lock feels heavy-duty and has a nice satin finish. The buttons have two numbers on each button so if you want to code the lock using the number two, that would mean you need to press the first button twice. The interior part of the lock has a satin finish but is made of plastic. It is also good to observe if you a door with a window which may interfere with the mounting of the lock, because the interior lock part is significantly larger than a traditional lock. So if you have a window on the door, the lock hardware may actually be too large to mount flat on the door.

I ran into a small snag when trying to test the lock before installing it on the door. It seemed like I could program the lock fine by using the code pad, but there was an issue with the z-wave locking/unlocking it. I called up Kwikset support and got on with a representative right away. They suggested that it may be the batteries, so I finally got some new batteries and that seems to have been the issue.

The installation of the lock was very simple. All the hardware and manuals were included and were clear on how to install and program the lock. The lock fits 1 ⅜” – 2” hole doors and you can set up to 30 different user access codes and a mastercode for user access code management.


Once you have programmed the user access code, you simply press the code and it will automatically unlock the door. To lock it again you simply press the lock button and it locks it for you. The buttons are backlit, so it is easy to see the keypad in dark conditions. The lock can be configured to automatically lock the door after 30 seconds if you so desire.

There is a little LED light which blinks every 6 seconds to indicate if the lock is open or locked (green=open, yellow=locked, red=low battery) you can configure to turn this status off and you can also turn off the audible beeps when pressing the keypad. The lock cylinder is using a SmartKey technology, you can re-key the locks yourself without having to call a

The lock cylinder is using a SmartKey technology, you can re-key the locks yourself without having to call a locksmith. The Smartkey technology has the added advantage that they are extremely sensitive to the exact key size, so many times when you go and make new keys at your hardware store the duplicate keys are just barely different in size, which would not be an issue with a regular lock, but the SmartKey lock is so sensitive that it will not allow the copied key to be used unless it is an exact match of the key used to re-key the lock. The locks are also cylinder and pins are bump proof, so unlike regular locks which you can use lockpicks to bump the pins in place to allow the cylinder to turn, SmartKey locks are much, much harder to do this.

To re-key the lock simply insert the key that came with the lock.


Then turn the key 90 degrees so the little re-key hole is up.


Insert the SmartKey tool into the hole.


Remove the SmartKey tool and the original key.


Insert the key you want to re-key this lock for, and turn the lock to lock it, do not remove the key. Again turn it 90 degrees so the re-key hole is up and attempt to remove the key. If you cannot remove it, the lock has been successfully re-keyed.


Programming the lock to work with your home automation system you need to press the “A” button once if you want to pair it with a Z-Wave system and if you want to pair it with a Zigbee system you need to press the “A” button nine times.


Once the Z-wave lock is registered with your home automation system you can start using your phone or computer to lock and unlock instead of using the codepad.

I think the SMARTCODE 910 provides good value for your money, at a sub $150 price point. The lock provides, a durable, secure lock with the benefit of either using a key, codepad, or your smartphone.



  • Nice finish to the product.
  • Works with a large number of home automation systems.
  • Can re-key yourself, without having to call a locksmith.
  • Up to 30 different user access codes
  • Bump proof
  • Great customer support Lifetime warranty on finish and mechanical



  • Quite large, especially the interior lock part, may not fit every door due to its size.
  • It seems to be using up the batteries quite quickly (or perhaps have I stale batteries).
  • One year warranty only on the electronic parts (which is probably the one that will die first anyway).


The Kwikset SMARTCODE 910 is compatible with Amazon Alexa and we will be doing a review in the weeks to come.

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