Video Insight VMS will unveil its latest version of VI Monitor v6—which includes MonitorCastEDU, an access control product designed specifically for the multi-campus education market— at the upcoming ASIS 2014 conference in Atlanta.

This latest version of VI Monitor v6 is designed to provide K-12 schools and universities the necessary access control features needed to enhance day-to-day security without adding additional cost. It bundles MonitorCastEDU access control software with VI Monitor v6 from Video Insight to provide an end-to-end video surveillance solution for the education sector.

“Video surveillance combined with access control is a powerful solution that is an essential element in education security,”said Video Insight Chief Executive Officer Robert Shaw. “We recognize the unique security, budgetary, and infrastructure challenges faced by schools and campuses. The new Video Insight version 6 with MonitorCastEDU leverages existing network infrastructure and Mercury-based access control systems, providing the necessary features to enhance your campus security at no additional cost.”

In an effort to help the education industry obtain affordable video surveillance, Video Insight has developed several programs including a $250,000 school grant program that donates security systems to U.S. schools and colleges, as well as smaller pilot programs that offer long-term equipment use.

“Providing MonitorCastEDU access control software bundled with our VMS at no extra charge is our latest effort to help schools and campuses affordably obtain the comprehensive security measures they need to combat the threats they continue to face,”said Shaw.

VI Monitor v6 offers a variety of benefits and features including:

▪       Easy to use, browser based admin client
▪       Designed to run on the existing Video Insight Server
▪       SQL Server based with unlimited scalability
▪       No limits to the number of doors, administrators, or simultaneous connections
▪       Integrated into Video Insight’s thick, thin and mobile clientsSupport for Mercury Security controllers
▪       Zero recurring access control fees with Video Insight SUP
▪       Active Directory integration
▪       Dashboard for real-time reporting

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