Panasonic releases 4K enhancements to both its ASM200 i-PRO® video management client and Video Insight (VI) Video Management Software (VMS) solution. Now with 4K support for its embedded management client (ASM200) and its VMS based software management offerings from Video Insight, Panasonic can now deliver the industry’s most complete, end-to-end 4K ready solution for video surveillance image capture, recording and management.

With the new enhancements to the ASM200 i-PRO® video management software, a Windows®-based application that enables a centralized and scalable surveillance and control environment supporting multi-camera, multi-recorder systems from a single PC platform, surveillance operators can now utilize 4K imaging technology end-to-end realizing a complete 4K ready capture/record/control solution. The new 4.0 version of ASM200 delivers a 4K native Graphical User Interface (GUI) experience and can support multiple 4K monitor output.

The use of 4K security monitors running a native 4K GUI allows more high-definition screens to be displayed simultaneously and permits edge-to-edge 4K resolution to be displayed, both of which significantly enriches operator usability and effectiveness by minimizing the zooming action typically required on lower resolution displays. The ASM200 4.0 also fully supports the advanced analytics capabilities delivered by Panasonic’s i-PRO® ULTRA 360-degree cameras (based on Panasonic True 4K Engine) including moving object removal, heat mapping and people counting – Learn More