The convergence of physical security technology and information technology continues to impact security and IT departments, their personnel and vendors. Video surveillance capabilities for business security systems are advancing rapidly. In recent years, we’ve seen the migration from analog to digital video recording, and now to the convergence of video systems and a company’s IT network infrastructure. This rapid advancement has multiple benefits it has made video surveillance systems more affordable for smaller businesses; and expanded the reach and capabilities of network video (or IP video) for larger enterprises.

3GC group, has announced a solution combining Fortinets IP video security surveillance system with 3GC’s Converged Electronic Physical Security (CEPS) for converged networks with a seamless solution.

FortiCameras and FortiRecorder simplifies IP video security surveillance while streamlining the user experience. Easy to use, affordable and versatile, FortiCameras gives power to see everything that is it cover critical entry points, point of sale terminals, warehouses, public areas, loading documents and anything else need to keep an eye on. The FortiRecorder captures the images for easy monitoring, storage and retrieval, in the office or on the fly. Site security becomes an extension of the office network. The video security process requires no software installation, no patches, no per-seat fees, and no per-camera licenses when FortiCameras are deployed. It’s affordable and easy.

In association with 3GCs Converged Electronic Physical Security (CEPS), Fortinets incorporated physical security advances unite a consistent surveillance system arrangement. This blend results in satisfying the developing requests of the customer’s requirement for a system base being financially savvy. “The experienced team of Converged Electronic Physical Security (CEPS) experts at 3GC Group and the new technology that Fortinet brings in IP video surveillance systems, provides our clients with the latest and greatest fully integrated converged solutions that is efficient and beneficial to meet the demands of our growing clients. It helps reduce high costs and provides the best security technology in today’s market”, commented Henry Park, CEO of 3GC Group.