Hikvision® USA Inc., has partnered with Control4, a provider of home automation and control systems, to bring cutting edge video surveillance technology to the Smart House market. Hikvision cameras are easily integrated with the Control4 smart home operating system, adding to a robust suite of features by which users can control and automate lighting, music, security and energy throughout the home.

Control4 has been delivering Smart Home products for ten years, with a customer base than spans over 200,000 homes globally. Available through a professional network of over 3400 installers worldwide, Control4 unites networked home devices such as window shades, entertainment systems, door locks, thermostats, and security cameras. They are controlled by a common operating system that can be accessed via a touch screen on the wall, a remote control, or a smartphone app. Remote monitoring is an added benefit for users who are away from home and who want the peace of mind of checking in on their children, elderly parents, or pets.

“Remote monitoring is a huge motivator for our customers,” remarked Noel Gouff, senior director of business development for Control4.

A recent poll conducted by the company showed that 92% of American homeowners would feel safer if they were able to monitor and control their homes remotely. Eighty nine percent said it would offer them peace of mind. – Learn More