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Best Picks: Outdoor Wireless Cameras

by M Rucinski - on May 16th 2017 - No Comments

Getting Started

There are many wireless outdoor security cameras on the market with a variety of features, so whether you’re camera-savvy or a new buyer, it can be a challenge to select the best product for your security needs. Consumers need something easy to install and use that displays quality images as well as integrates intelligent technology.

For end users, finding a vendor who will provide support and upgrades for the camera and system software throughout the life of the product is also a necessity.

The following represents a list of some of the top wireless outdoor cameras available to consumers.

1. Logitech Alert 750e Outdoor Master System:
Consumers can access live video using their smartphones and tablets, and receive emails or push notifications based on sound and motion detection. Features include weatherproof casing, audio, and night vision. Unfortunately, this model is not compatible with Mac systems – the software is compatible with Windows only. Another notable drawback is that remote system management requires a yearly fee. (more…)

Axis Acquires Leading Video Analytics Provider Citilog

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Axis Communications, the global leader in network video, announced today the acquisition of Citilog, a provider of intelligent real-time video monitoring for traffic and transportation security and safety. The addition of their advanced surveillance technology and experienced personnel strengthens Axis’ best-of-breed solution and further expands its opportunities in the fast-growing traffic analytics market.

Based in Paris, Citilog is a privately held company with 30 employees and with offices in the USA, Hong Kong and Spain. The company is a supplier of video incident detection systems in road tunnels and on highways. Video Incident Detection (VAID) systems are used to bring to the attention of operations staff potential issues when they occur within a tunnel or on a bridge or highway. Axis and Citilog have worked together for several years on both engineering and sales to provide integrated solutions to a number of mutual customers.

For more information about the acquisition, please read the interview with Ray Mauritsson at www.axis.com/about-axis/axis-acquire-citilog-interview-with-ray

Challenges of The Internet of Things and Cyber Security

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The Internet is a growing part of everyday life, at home and in the workplace, even in ways we wouldn’t traditionally think of as interconnectivity. Wearable technologies such as fitness trackers are an example of the Internet of Things (IoT), the network of physical objects or devices with unique identifiers that can collect and exchange data.

The Internet of Things doesn’t necessarily mean the interconnectivity of computers and smartphones. IoT describes an environment where anything can be connected to generate intelligence, from medical devices such as pacemakers to home automation systems. IoT enables new business models by transforming the physical world into an informational system – and it’s growing. According to Gartner, Inc., an IT research firm, over 20 percent of enterprises will have digital security services using IoT devices and systems by 2017. (more…)

Cloud Surveillance – Explained

by M Rucinski - on Oct 30th 2014 - No Comments

Cloud Surveillance – Explained

How Cloud Surveillance Works

While NVRs, DVRs, and Edge Recording Platforms are common ways to store video data, there’s another option: the cloud. The cloud is a remote access data storage system managed by a third party.

Its method is simple: surveillance video from IP cameras is sent to the cloud via a secure network connection. The surveillance footage can be viewed by the client on a computer browser, or a smartphone or tablet. The data is secured through authentication (login) and authorization processes.

The main advantage of cloud storage is that surveillance video, whether taken from a single location or multiple, can be accessed anywhere from a single source. The cloud also eliminates the need for physical storage devices. Users do not have to invest in DVR or NVR equipment and video storage drives.


Best Practices for Video Analytics

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VMSToday Best Practices for Video-Analytics

The naked eye has its limitations. Video analytics, used to monitor surveillance cameras and to create automatic alerts for security incidents, can be a more efficient and cost-effective method for live monitoring of multiple video feeds than using human personnel. Intelligent video analytics solutions can detect and identify visual and audio data, and then create automatic alerts based on events.

To ensure that video analytics are most effective, security users can employ best practices in installing and maintaining surveillance equipment. (more…)

Tips for Camera Perimeter Protection

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Being able to respond in a timely, efficient manner to security breaches is essential to maintaining any security system. Protecting the external perimeter of a security site requires intelligent video. In order to ensure that the perimeter of a security location is protected, integrators and end users should choose the right equipment and software, ultimately creating an intelligent perimeter system that will alert users to security incidents and provide accurate visual confirmation of intrusions.


Understanding HD-SDI

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Since it was standardized in 1998, High Definition Serial Digital Interface (HD-SDI) has been used by the Motion Picture and Television industries to transmit uncompressed, unfiltered digital video. In terms of video surveillance solutions, cameras using HD-SDI technology (standardized in SMPTE 292M) have been adapted for video surveillance as HD CCTV, and are gaining traction as an alternative to network IP cameras.

Reasons for HD-SDI cameras’ popularity as a surveillance solution include (more…)

As Video Surveillance Continues to go Digital, What Should We Expect From the Market?

by M Rucinski - on Jun 5th 2014 - No Comments

The times are changing, albeit at a gradual pace: the video surveillance industry is increasingly shifting towards IP video, moving away from established closed circuit analog systems. At the same time, IMS Research reported as recently as 2012 that both analog and digital surveillance products are thriving in the consumer market, with analog video offering a viable solution for consumers who are unfamiliar with digital systems and who wish to keep costs low. Significantly, IMS predicts that while the analog market is still competitive and CCTV will continue to be employed, the global market will favor IP video surveillance and surpass sales of analog products and equipment.

The slow but gradual transition from analog to digital in the consumer market can perhaps be accounted for by the sluggish economy as well as lack of training and education about network-based IP video surveillance. As the industry adopts digital over analog and as the market for IP cameras continues to grow, security integrators as well as end users are (more…)

Samsung’s WIFI SmartCam HD vs DropCam for DIY security

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Samsung's WIFI SmartCam HD

Samsung has just released their SmartCam HD Pro, and it looks to be a good match for consumers seeking an inexpensive security camera ($189.00 on Amazon) with relatively pain-free installation. Users are able to set up the Samsung SmartCam at home using their iPhones or Android phones, and their personal wireless networks. The Samsung SmartCam HD features a two-way talk function with a mic and speaker, a MicroSD card for image storage, and the option to screen capture images and save to a smartphone device. Additionally, the SmartCam offers a 128° wide angle lens, high quality video, night vision, motion detection technology, as well as zoom and lighting adjustment options.

As Surveillance Goes Digital, What Should We Expect From the Market?

by M Rucinski - on May 19th 2014 - No Comments

The times are changing, albeit at a gradual pace: the video surveillance industry is increasingly shifting towards IP video, moving away from established closed circuit analog systems. At the same time, IMS Research reported as recently as 2012 that both analog and digital surveillance products are thriving in the consumer market, with...