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H.265 compression: The Future of Video Surveillance, or One More Choice?

by katieG - on May 18th 2017 - No Comments

In security, there are two warring needs in digital security monitoring. The first need is for high-quality video. After all, having images of a problem isn’t helpful if you can’t get any good detail from it. Being able to identify parties, or read details on items, can be the critical difference between useful information and redundant footage.

The second need in digital security monitoring is storage. Once it is recorded, video needs to be stored, and that takes up both memory space and processor power for streaming. That space and power cost a lot of money. Since this is the case, the size of a video file plays a major role in the costs of any security setup. Finding a balance has not always been easy, but a new codec hopes to reconcile these two issues and strike a new balance. Today, we will explore this and tease out the good, the bad, and situations where h.265 compression just might be the right choice.


Telepresence and Telerobotics: Why would you want to invest in this kind of technology?

by katieG - on Jul 29th 2016 - No Comments

Welcome back to part three in our four part series on telepresence (TP) and telerobotics (TR) technology.  In this series we are looking at how these two related technologies may just change the face of corporate security and surveillance. Today, we are going to focus on what is driving the adoption of these systems and talk about some of the benefits.

Why telepresence vs telerobotics?

Why would you want to invest in this kind of technology? Well, there are a few reasons. One of the more obvious is the ability to have eyes and ears (and more) in places that you would not normally want/be able to. Think of it as an attempt to be the next best thing to actually “being there”. (more…)

Telepresence vs Telerobotics: Part 2

by katieG - on Jul 22nd 2016 - No Comments

Welcome back to Part 2 in our series on telepresence (TP) and telerobotics (TR) technologies. In the first piece in this series, we talked about the difference between a telepresence system and a telerobotics system. We also looked at some basic applications that you may use these systems for. Today, we are going to take a more in-depth look at the three forms you are likely to find these systems in to provide you a more solid understanding of how the capabilities are facilitating security and surveillance.

There are currently three distinct manifestations of these systems. Each one builds on the last and adds to the things that the previous system can do. Each addition of capability carries its own advantages and disadvantages so strategy is warranted before attempting to employ this type of tech. (more…)

Telerobotics vs. Telepresence: What is the difference?

by katieG - on Jun 9th 2016 - No Comments

Telerobotics (TR) is a word you may have heard before but it may not be one that produces a clear definition in your mind. The issue isn’t your brain, it is the fact that the term is often misused in the mainstream media and by non-technical professionals. While “telerobotics” and “telepresence” are often used interchangeably (they are related concepts), the differences are worth explaining. In this first article, we are going to clear up some of the misconceptions and get a look at what, exactly, these two things really are before we wade into the ways in which these will affect the security/surveillance markets. (more…)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using 4k Security Cameras – Part 3

by katieG - on May 23rd 2016 - No Comments

Welcome back to the third and final segment in our series on 4K Technology. For those of you who missed the first two parts, you should consider going back for a look at what 4K surveillance is and is not, at who best can benefit from it and what costs a business might incur if they decide that a 4K system is an option worth exploring. In this last segment, we will take a look at the market side of 4K and look at where it might be headed in the future.

The 4K market now

When it comes to the 4K market, growth has been rapid. Companies have been showing large returns with IP cameras in general (more…)

Wifi Motion Detection- Part 2 – The limitations

by katieG - on May 18th 2016 - No Comments

The possibility of a motion detection system based on Wi-Fi technology is an intriguing
one. It would allow for the creation of a security system that would be extremely cost
effective. It also has the possibility of creating systems that are less obtrusive than the
traditional solutions.

All good things however have their limitations. While this nascent technology does have
a lot of potential, it also has some drawbacks. Today, we are going to look at those
limitations and address what you may want to consider before the implementation of
one of these systems. (more…)

NEW TECH: Wifi for Motion Detection? – Part 1

by katieG - on May 11th 2016 - No Comments

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. A wireless network that can detect when someone is moving through it and respond. While the technology is still very new, and some further development is required to truly refine it, the concept is innovative enough to attract attention. If your curiosity has been piqued then you’re in the right place. Today, we are going to take a look at the emerging technology that may just change motion sensing technology forever. (more…)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using 4k Security Cameras – Part 2

by katieG - on May 10th 2016 - 1 Comment

Welcome back to part two in our series on 4K surveillance. If you missed part one in our series, it was all about what “4K” surveillance means in terms of both resolution and its possible impacts. We discussed the role that light can play in a 4K camera system, and how to figure out what kind of sensors you might need to make the most of this kind of a setup.

Today, we’re going to go more in depth. We will be looking at some of the pros and cons you might experience while using a 4K camera system and will try to help you decide if you should invest in a 4K surveillance system.


Hover Camera and the Future

by katieG - on May 6th 2016 - 2 Comments

Drones used for indoor surveillance applications have primarily been the goal of the law enforcement community. Costs and the technical hurdles required to properly navigate a drone in tight spaces have been major limiting factors for both home and commercial uses. Hover Camera, a drone small enough skirt the FAA’s requirement for an operator’s license, is looking to change that. They have created a drone with no exposed propellers which is designed to shoot footage safely in indoor locations. The Hover Camera from Zero Zero Robotics does exactly what the name implies which is that it hovers in where needed to capture video and stills.

New Hover Camera from Zero Zero Robotics (more…)

Is A 4K System right for your Surveillance Needs?

by katieG - on Apr 21st 2016 - No Comments

If you deal in physical security then the odds are good that at some point you have heard about 4K System. It is gaining a lot of popularity as of late and more and more business owners have been considering it. Today, we are going to talk about what exactly 4K is, when it is appropriate to use and to help you to begin to figure out if you want to upgrade to 4K technology. (more…)