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Government taking notice of IoT vulnerabilities

by Johnny R - on Nov 1st 2016 - No Comments

You know what’s worse than having a security vulnerability in your products be exploited in one of the largest cyber attacks in history? Having the government regulate your entire industry, adding bureaucratic oversight to the layers of technical, economic and human challenges that you already had to deal with when trying to get a product to market. That is the shadow that is darkening the door of the IoT industry today. (more…)

IoT devices and the most massive DDoS attack on record (620 Gbps)

by Johnny R - on Oct 28th 2016 - No Comments

Originally, this story was focused on the DDoS attack on the KrebsOnSecurity site. While the bulk of this story is still focused on that specific attack, it has already been overshadowed by the massive attack that took down major service sites like Netflix and Twitter through an attack on DNS provider Dyn. The most recent attack may have drawn more attention to the threat but an analysis of the Krebs attack provides a clearer view of the details if only because effort was taken to identify the specific nodes that were launching the assault. One thing that both attacks have in common is that they were the result of exploitation of unaddressed, easy-to-fix weaknesses in both process and product.  (more…)

Product Review: NEW ADVIDIA E-37-V Dome Camera

by Johnny R - on Aug 18th 2016 - No Comments

ADVIDIA has released a 3MP mini dome camera that has apparently hit a sweet spot in the market as they are having trouble keeping pace with demand according to Domingo Martinez, Marketing Director at Video Insight, Inc. In fact, just getting a camera for this review required me to hand over my wife as collateral. I may be exaggerating a bit but it is true that it was not easy to get my hands on one of these to test.

The ADVIDIA E-37-V is a small form factor (aka- ‘mini’) dome camera with a fixed, motorized (for focus) lens that can be used inside or out. In spite of the small product size, the device has received IP67 and IK10 ratings. (more…)

VMSToday talks to ICRealtime

by Johnny R - on Apr 27th 2016 - No Comments

While they weren’t on my original list of exhibitors that I planned to visit, ICRealtime got my attention and immediately became my most interesting target. I kind of stumbled across Brian Levy at their booth. He was patient with my excited questions and my marveling at not having heard of them before in spite of the many awards they have won at fairly prestigious shows. I will admit that I have a personal interest in the burgeoning field of 360 capture. I’m sure there will be an agreed upon term for this new tech but at the moment, it goes by a few names: 360, VR, Immersive, etc.

The basic idea is that you have camera technology that is capable of capturing the views from almost every possible angle from a single device at the same time. I say “almost” as the camera itself takes up some space and all of the current models manage to exclude the device from view so you actually have a tiny bit less than “all” in your capture. But the primary bullet point is the same- you can have a single camera capture an entire room which eliminates both the need for multiple cameras and Pan/Tilt mechanisms. I could dive into the effect that viewing these types of captures through VR goggles or even Google Cardboard has but that is not relevant to this story so I’ll save the evangelizing for another day. ICRealtime had multiple options but I was focused on two models: the IC720 and the Allie. Before I get into the details of both cameras, there were two points that Brian made that I think are worth repeating. While this may sound like marketing fluff to some, I think it carries more weight for the majority of American consumers. First, both of their 360 camera models are completely made (not just assembled) in the US. Second, all of their underlying technology is protected by patents that they own. (more…)

Product Review: Ricoh Theta S

by Johnny R - on Apr 21st 2016 - 2 Comments

Product Review: Ricoh Theta S

My first reaction when reading about the original Theta m15  camera was “Ricoh made this?!”. I mean, I know of the company but their presence in the cutting edge tech arena is basically non-existent. I was intrigued by the concept but a little disappointed by the quality of the captures. Then, Ricoh returned with the Theta S which promised significant improvements over the original and I was ready to give it a try… (more…)

Avigilon speaks with VMSToday and discusses the H4 Edge Solution Camera Line

by Johnny R - on Apr 19th 2016 - No Comments

Continuing my tour of “exhibitors that would meet with me” as ISC West 2016, I managed to get the lowdown on Avigilon’s new H4 Edge Solution Camera Line from Willem Ryan. I’m calling the H4 line “combo cameras” as they contain the IP camera, Solid State Drive (SSD) and VMS solution in one device. Avigilon is offering these units in dome, bullet and box forms.

H4 Edge Solution Camera Line from Avigilon







My first thought was about what problem(s) this line of cameras was a solution for. No surprise, Willem was prepared for this. Deploying to remote areas and having to setup a centralized NVR, running the cables, servicing the hardware, etc adds to cost/trouble of an installation. That ‘centralized’ requirement can keep some small customers out of the game entirely for lack of money and manpower. (more…)

ISONAS Speaks with VMSToday at ISC West 2016

by Johnny R - on Apr 16th 2016 - No Comments

The booth was already swarming by the time I arrived (even though it was just an hour after the show started) but I managed to get a little quality time with Melissa Stenger of ISONAS to find out a little more about their new offerings and what forces contributed to the design/creation.

It was clear pretty quickly into the demo that a major driver behind the new offerings was smoothing out the typical bumps in the road and those are easier to achieve in software than hardware. In service of these goals, ISONAS is working to differentiate itself with a cloud-based software platform for configuring/managing/monitoring your access control system. (more…)

Exacq and Tyco Speaks to VMSToday at ISC West 2016

by Johnny R - on Apr 13th 2016 - No Comments

I managed to get some Q&A time with Scott Dennison as soon as the show started. Tyco booth at ISC West 2016 He handled both my on and off target questions like a champ and provided me a both a general overview of what Exacq was bringing to the table at this years show as well as diving under the surface to discuss just how their final products make it to market.

Since they were at the ISC West 2016 to show off their newest and coolest, we started our discussion around the new LC-Series Una All In One server. The new hardware comes with stats like: (more…)

ISC West 2016 is a Winner!

by Johnny R - on Apr 11th 2016 - No Comments

Attendance was excellent with enough serious interest to keep the majority of exhibitors busy all day long. If you are easily overstimulated, it was a nightmare. If you are thrilled by a large number of options and lots of movement and color (aka- a cat), it was a dream. The whale pod was what you would expect (large, sleek and full of krill) and the show had loads of hungry new players in a variety of areas. VMSToday managed to get some quality time with a few of the exhibitors at this years show. In addition to finding out about their new offerings, we also got their opinion on the show itself. The results were unanimously positive with several of them commenting that it was the best show in years. Kudos, ISC West. (more…)

Camera Review: EZVIZ Mini Security Camera

by Johnny R - on Jan 13th 2016 - No Comments

EZVIZ MIN Camera Review

The first thought I had when handed the box for the EZVIZ Mini camera was “this reminds me of a (Nest)Dropcam”. I bring this up not to malign a product before I’ve given it a fair shot but because I think the best way to review this camera is by comparing and contrasting it against a well known, preexisting option. Also, it really seems like the Nest product is being intentionally emulated (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

Since the first thing you encounter is the packaging and your first impressions affect the subsequent perceptions, (more…)