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Paxton Access adds Genuine HID Technology to its reader range

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Paxton has announced the addition of Genuine HID Technology to the majority of its access control reader range. Genuine HID Technology is one of the most popular token formats, this update to the company’s reader range helps support the ease of system migration when updating to a new Paxton access control solution. This also provides a cost benefit as users can retain their existing credentials. (more…)

Axis Communications introduces small and cost-efficient bullet style IP cameras

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Axis Communications introduces AXIS M20 Series. The new small bullet-style cameras are lightweight, yet extremely durable. They can be installed in both hot and cold weather and features an integrated sunshield for protection against sun and rain.

AXIS M20 Series_vmstoday (more…)

Panasonic launches PTZ camera

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Panasonic AereoPTZ

The New Panasonic rugged AeroPTZ (WV-SUD638) has Full HD resolution at 60fps with a 30 times optical zoom lens. The camera features hybrid image stabilization technology and gyro-sensors, to minimize the impact of external vibrations. The AeroPTZ is the most environmentally rugged camera on the market, capable of withstanding more extreme conditions than ever before.


TeleEye launches DVRs incorporating enhanced H.264 technology

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TeleEye is pleased to announce the launch of GN Series, a new generation of DVRs with WQHD resolutions.

WQHD is a video resolution standard equivalent to 2560 x 1440 pixels, which is also 4 times the resolution of 720p HD. The new GN Series DVRs are capable of recording higher quality video footages than 1080p full HD systems, providing much more useful information for post-incident investigations. Nevertheless higher resolution videos lead to the requirement of a more sophisticated video compression engine. With this in mind, TeleEye, a company that is always committed to innovation, has incorporated an enhanced H.264 video compression technology into the GN DVRs.

“The enhanced H.264 technology is 30% more efficient than ordinary H.264, thus greater video detail can be achieved with less data,” said Dr. Wallace Ma, Director of TeleEye Group. “As WQHD is sitting between 1080p and 4K, it is an excellent balance between video clarity and processing requirement in a practical video surveillance system,” Dr. Ma added.

The GN Series comprises of two models, the GN6516 and GN6608, which are designed with two opposite approaches that have two distinguished benefits:

1. Shared Network – simplest installation: GN6516 is designed for projects requiring IP camera data running on an existing LAN in the premises. By running video feeds through an existing network infrastructure, it greatly simplifies the installation work that would result in a lower deployment cost.

2. Dedicated Network – highest security: GN6608 is designed for projects requiring IP cameras completely separate from the existing LAN in the premises. With the TeleEye proprietary 5-layer security protection, GN6608 shields IP cameras off from the outside world, ensures the highest security standard and minimizes the chance of the video surveillance system being attacked.

GN Series DVRs are designed for fulfilling the complete security needs as they can interface with different types of alarm sensors. When any incident is detected, the DVR would make a connection back to a 7/24 security center. The operator can inspect the video and respond to the incident swiftly and precisely, such as expelling the intruder by delivering a verbal warning message. Hence the loss and damage due to the incident can be minimized.


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The FAA’s registration deadline for drones is fast approaching.  The initiative, announced in December and with a hard deadline of February 19th, 2016, requires anyone who owns an unmanned flying vehicle weighing more than half a pound to register it online with the agency. There’s a $5 fee for each drone registered (or each fleet of model airplanes, if used exclusively for a hobby purpose), however people who register by January 20th will get that fee refunded. – Read More

Eagle Eye Networks and SureView Systems announce Cloud video integration with alarm software

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Eagle Eye Networks, Inc. and SureView Systems announced an integration of the Eagle Eye Security Camera Video Management System (VMS) and the SureView Immix alarm management software in the cloud. Through theintegration, SureView Immix customers can now view both live and recorded video from the cloud-based Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS.

Immix is a video centric software platform designed to receive alarm events. Alarm operators can now view Eagle Eye’s video via the SureView Immix user interface, as well as correlate it with alarm events, such as activation of a burglar alarm.  Operators can also monitor live video to ensure ongoing safety.

The integration was written using the cloud-based Eagle Eye Video API and works as a plug-in to SureView Immix. The integrated solution will appeal to monitoring stations, large corporate organizations, and guard companies.

“We are pleased to now have this deep integration of the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS with our Immix alarm management software platform available,” said Chris Brown, Director of Central Stations, SureView Systems. “The combined solution allows us to expand our reach to customers desiring Eagle Eye’s advanced cloud video solution.”

“Our strong partnership with SureView Systems provides us with the ability to deliver a comprehensive, integrated security solution to our mutual customers,” said Dean Drako, President and CEO, Eagle Eye Networks. “We are happy to offer our customers this valuable integration of Eagle Eye’s cloud video with the SureView Immix highly advanced alarm monitoring software.” – Learn More

HID Global drives innovation for Internet of Things (IoT) applications with novel solutions

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HID Global,  is driving innovation for securing Internet of Things (IoT) applications that are opening new opportunities across numerous markets. The company’s expanding range of proof of presence, brand protection and asset tracking applications add trust to Near Field Communications (NFC) transactions, creating new paths for HID Global partners to develop solutions that would otherwise be vulnerable to risk or simply not possible. The portfolio of identification innovations exemplifies the company’s NFC continuum, an initiative to broaden the use of HID Trusted Tag Services and NFC tags. (more…)

Genetec Announce Integration Support for True Identity Biometric Access Control

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Suprema and Genetec, Inc. have integrated their systems offering an advanced identity management solution. Suprema biometric devices can now be paired with Genetec’s Security Center unified security platform through Entertech Systems’ BioConnect 3.0 identity management platform. Together, these products simplify the process of deploying, enrolling and managing biometrics for secure access control in any situation.

The Suprema devices integrated with Genetec Security Center include BioStation T2, BioStation, BioEntry Plus, BioEntry W, BioLite Net and BioMini. 

This new integration greatly facilitates managing the true identities of employees, visitors and the general public. Customers no longer have to worry about the security risks involved in approximation technologies like cards, PINs, fobs or keys – which can be borrowed, shared, lost or stolen. Suprema works with customers in a wide variety of markets to ensure finger and face recognition is used effectively every day for secure access to both physical facilities and software applications. (more…)

Hikvision confirms hacking loophole exposed clients to cyberattacks

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The Chinese supplier of ip cameras and surveillance products confirmed that vulnerabilities in its networks exposed clients to cyberattacks from overseas. Confirmation came after public security officials in Jiangsu issued urgent security alerts to its departments.

Hikvision, based in Hangzhou, confirmed on its microblog that some of its products were at risk of attack from abroad, backing up a statement by the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Bureau on Friday.

Hikvision has contracts with mainland public security agencies as well as international conferences such as November’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Beijing and the Boao Forum in Hainan .

A copy of an announcement labelled “urgent” by the Jiangsu provincial public security bureau circulated widely online on Friday, instructing all departments to scrutinise any Hikvision products they were using. (more…)

Genetec Showcases Innovative Security Solutions for Gaming Establishments at World Game Protection Conference

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Genetec™ to showcase a range of IP-based security solutions ideally suited to meet the needs of gaming organizations at the World Game Protection Conference & Expo in las Vegas. Genetec solutions—which include video security, access control and license plate recognition—offer facility-wide visibility and enable casinos to effectively detect and monitor crime, investigate and stop fraud.

With the US economy showing a positive recovery, casinos and resorts are enjoying increased traffic, diversified attractions and growing revenues. Gaming establishments increasingly require technologically advanced, and preferably unified, security solutions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for their patrons.

Genetec enables gaming establishments to leverage their existing hardware investments and readily incorporate third-party systems, including fire alarms, access control, video analytics, slot machine and other casino-related software, under one unified platform. Thanks to Genetec’s custom development solutions, gaming establishments can also integrate their point-of-sale (POS) systems with their security infrastructure to enable safe and flawless guest service and provide critical reporting – Learn More