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Kwikset SMARTCODE 910 Review

by Albert Breton - on May 11th 2017 - No Comments

Kwikset supplied us with SMARTCODE 910 which can be configured with your home automation. The lock speaks Z-Wave and Zigbee. In our case, I registered it with our home automation using Z-wave.

kwikset Smartcode 910 lock (more…)

Panasonic WV-SFN110 Review: i-PRO Indoor Dome Network Camera

by Albert Breton - on May 9th 2017 - No Comments

I was excited to see Panasonic’s little WV-SFN110 indoor camera.  However, the excitement faded pretty quickly as I tried to configure the camera.  Let me get all the griping out before I go in to the camera itself.  Like many camera manufacturers they think that everyone only runs Windows workstations. The Easy IP software which is supposed to help you set the IP initially is an EXE file so it only runs on Windows.  I tried to use the Easy IP tool to scan for the camera so I could re-IP it, but no luck.  I had to run a port scan on my network to find the camera, so for people who does not know how to run a port scan to find the IP the camera is operating on, it would be a problem.

Panasonic i-PRO Camera WV-SFN110

Once I found the IP I connected with the only browser supported; Microsoft Internet Explorer.  It is beyond me why camera manufacturers do not select a browser platform which can be used from Macs, Linux and Windows, instead of painting themselves into a corner only allowing Internet Explorer.  With Windows 10, Microsoft wants you to use the Edge browser, but that is not supported either, so you must connect to the camera using Internet Explorer, no matter how much you hate it. (more…)

D-Link (DCS-4603) Review: Vigilance Full HD PoE Dome Network Camera

by Albert Breton - on May 4th 2017 - No Comments


The New DCS-4603 from D-Link is a small form factor indoor camera that has integrated IR LED with automatic IR-cut filter module for visibility in dark conditions, and a Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) for high contrast areas. (more…)

NVIDIA Artificial Intelligence on display at ISC West 2017

by Albert Breton - on Apr 13th 2017 - No Comments

NVIDIA’s booth was one of the most impressive ones at ISC West this year.  NVIDIA Intelligent Video Analytics showcased the GPU computing power on the camera instead of having to transfer the video to a central server for analytics.  This lets mobile cameras perform large-scale analytics very fast on the camera without the need to transfer large amount of data over a slow WAN link.  As an example, NVDIA had a police car at the booth with 4 cameras which were continuously analyzing license plates as the car was driving through traffic. In the police car was a single NVIDIA Jetson TX2 which processed and analyze the video stream in real time for all cameras. (more…)

Milestone delivers impressive performance in VMS using NVIDIA GPUs

by Albert Breton - on Apr 6th 2017 - No Comments

Milestone Systems, an open platform company in networked video management software (VMS), is collaborating with NVIDIA to provide the next level of hardware acceleration and video processing services in monitoring management. Milestone XProtect will leverage NVIDIA GPUs and the CUDA parallel computing platform and programming model to provide parallel processing capabilities of recording servers, mobile servers, and other video processing services. (more…)

Backdoor patched in Dahua internet-connected devices, but other devices still awaiting meaning firmware update

by Albert Breton - on Mar 10th 2017 - No Comments

Alarms were set off after a backdoor into internet-connected devices manufactured by Dahua Technology were made public. Independent security researcher Graham Cluley, writing on The State of Security, a Tripwire blog, reported that proof-of-concept code was made public capable of automating attacks against IP cameras and recorders made by Dahua Technology. (more…)

VIVOTEK Strengthen Product Portfolios with Three New Network Cameras, FD8154, FD8154V and IB8354-C

by Albert Breton - on Jun 12th 2014 - No Comments

VIVOTEK announces the launch of its three new network cameras, including compact fixed dome network camera FD8154 and FD8154V and bullet-style network camera IB8354-C, bolstering its SNV (Supreme Night Visibility) product portfolios.

FD8154, FD8154V and IB8354-C all feature 1.3-Megapixel resolution and the ability to output 30 frames per second in H.264 compression – read more

Best Practices for Security Integrators Before, During and After the Sell

by Albert Breton - on Jun 10th 2014 - No Comments

As a security integrator, you have an enormous responsibility to ethically work with your customers to deliver the best security solution available for each of their unique, security-based challenges. Of course, there is a sales process involved; however, most people don’t want to actually “be sold.” Customers seek a strong relationship built on trust and once that is established, only then will they listen as you educate and influence them toward a custom solution to solve their problems.

Here are some practices that you should consider incorporating into your business to (more…)

Global gaming market changes after recession

by Albert Breton - on Jun 2nd 2014 - No Comments

The global casino market was deeply impacted in the first few years of the global recession. Meanwhile, given the fact that online gambling started to expand at the same period, the physical casino market was even more severely compromised. The US casino market has been hit hard, and the revenues have been declining for several years. In 2010, revenues in the US casino market were flat, rising by merely 0.2 percent, which was the first increase since 2007, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) Global Gaming Outlook report.

EMEA, on the other hand, took the hardest hit during the…more

Milestone Releases XProtect Access Control Module

by Albert Breton - on May 30th 2014 - No Comments

This add-on product enables easy integration of third-party access control systems with Milestone video surveillance solutions, and will be shown at the Milestone booth E800 at IFSEC International 2014 in London June 17-19.

XProtect Access Control Module offers a new and more efficient way to operate access control and video surveillance systems through a unified interface, XProtect® Smart Client. The ability to tie video and access events together greatly enhances the investigation of incidents — more