What is VMSToday?

VMSTODAY was founded in 2013, and covers the intersection of technology, video surveillance, access control, and emerging technology. Our editorial mission is to provide readers with information and behind-the-scenes insight into the IP Video Security Industry and the Internet of Things (IoT). We want to provide a platform where leaders in the security community can have an unrestricted voice to share ideas with dealers, integrator and end-users. The site is updated regularly and features short (and not so short) posts, product reviews, editorials, and featured content.

How do I get in contact with VMSToday?

Below you’ll find a lists of email addresses for VMSToday editorial staff. If you have a tip, we have a button on every page of VMSToday.com so that you can ping us with the good news. You can also tip us on @vmstodaynews. Should you spot a bug or other problem with the site, you can report it at support[at]vmstoday.com

The VMSToday team reads every single message sent our way, but may not be able to respond to every single one. Rest assured, if you have something important to tell us, we’re listening, and we’ll always keep the identity of our sources a secret if it’s anonymity you want.

Editorial: editorial[@]vmstoday.com
News: news[@]vmstoday.com
Tips US: tips[@]vmstoday.com
Product Reviews: reviews [@]vmstoday.com

How do I comment?

Beneath any given post, you’ll see the words “Sign in” Click on that link and you’ll then have the option to log in . Once you’re in, you can comment across our sites using the login you chose.

Why do I have to register to comment?

We are always working to improve our system and make commenting easier, but the best way right now to cut down on the noise of spammers or trolls is to ask people to take a seat at the virtual table and tell us who they are. We need you to create a profile in our system and become a member of our community. You should know your account information is not harvested — we hate spam (please see our privacy policy), and we never, EVER share that info with outside parties. Your information is completely private. You won’t get random emails, wall posts, tweets or be put on any lists — and that’s a promise.

Will you review my product?

Maybe… But before you ask, there are a few things you should know. Our primary focus is video surveillance it’s unlikely we’ll review every single product that we receive. Not everything out there fits into our coverage, and despite being all about security and video surveillance, we can’t cover every product we see. We love to hear about new technology, but we can’t promise we’ll review them or respond to your requests to do so.

Do companies pay you to review their products? Do you keep the product you review?

VMSToday has a strict policy against advertorial and keeping free stuff. Units provided to the staff by companies for review are always returned, and anything else sent to us is given away to our readers. We don’t take free trips, and we don’t accept gifts of any kind. Our editorial is never for sale, and never will be.